14 Feb 2009


I've been following with eager anticipation the forthcoming release of the film adaptation of the graphic novel "Watchmen". Written by the same bloke who gave the world "V for Vendetta", it essentially chronicles the lives of a series of masked vigilante superhero adventurers in America during a fictitious 1980's world, where Nixon is still President, the Vietnam War was won by the US, and nuclear war between The Yanks and The Kommies was almost a reality.
I'd recommend you read it, and I have a copy if people wish to borrow it for a while in Cambridge.

Main article of graphic novel
Main article for upcoming film

Writer - Alan Moore - Moore objected to the Wachowski Brothers' imagining of his other work V For Vendetta, a classic piece in both formats from my point of view, and has since then vowed essentially to let producers attempt to make films of his work, but not really with his blessing and he is fully disconnected from the Watchmen film project.

Graphic Artist - Dave Gibbons - he's OK with it, as was David Lloyd in V4V

Director Zack Snyder - You might remember him from 300, which I also have the graphic novel of, by a certain Frank Miller

To cut to the chase, there's a certain plot element of Watchmen known as "Tales of the Black Freighter", a comic read by a bit-player within the comic itself, and is generally viewed as a microcosm for the human philosophy of the main characters itself, or something like that. Hardcore fans were livid when told that TotBF was not going to be added directly into the film, as in the novel the story weaves between the two rather elegantly. Instead it's going as a separate full-length (not movie full-length though) item, either on new DVD release itself or as a bonus DVD element.

Now, you probably don't think that's all that interesting, even if you are vaguely interested in Watchmen. However, what if I told you Gerard Butler was doing it?

Gerard "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!" /kick Butler

It is, quite simply, [EPIC].
And yet it makes perfect sense. Here we have Snyder doing what should be an amazing film adaptation with a garnishing of awesomesauce, bringing back his leading actor from a similar project of astronomical success, to do a side-project to appease the purists in the fanbase. Watch the trailer below, and you will not be dissappointed, unless you're not a graphics novel person at all, in which case, why the flux are you still reading?

I'd also recommend you hop around that blog posting [http://timesonline.typepad.com/blockbuster_buzz] in general, it covers a good deal of movie trailers and news, Watchmen, Dark Knight & Batman, Terminator, Star Trek(king), Transformers (no, not the ones with Dr. Holburn and Dr. Durkan dancing the cha-cha on; the ones who are more than meets the eye and quite potentially in disguise)...

So that ends my musings on Blog Title Under Construction for the time being. At some point I might upload my tales of fun and adventure on my winter holiday to summer Australia, and possibly some form of review rankings of Engineering lecturers down here at Cambridge. Oh and then there'll be Eurovision 2009 to cover...
To peace!

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