22 Feb 2009

We got tagged!

Like most committed hunter players out there in WoW, I'm a regular reader of our great prophet, BigRedKitty [commonly found venting his spleen at http://www.bigredkitty.net]. I'm not specifically certain which articles I have offered my thoughts on, but he offers a service whereby "you post comment with link to your blog, and BRK will hopefully reference you later."

So, on this averagely grey Cambridge Sunday afternoon, as I trawl through electromagnetics while listening to the Newcastle-Everton game on BBC [I follow the former], I hit my Firefox RSS feeds...

BRK: "Massive Linkage Time" (http://www.bigredkitty.net/2009/02/22/massive-linkage-time)
So towards the end, I see this line...
http://murlocking.blogspot.com - English Enginerd
I suppose that sums me up quite nicely. While I don't quite think I have explicitly stated English, I do use Enginerd. English-speaking Briton residing in England, yes; English, not necessarily. Although, I am, so yeah.
Enginerd itself I didn't come up with, rather I saw it as a user title of some randomer on the xkcd forums, and figured that summed me up rather nicely as well.

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