18 Mar 2009

The Audacity of Soap

Disclaimer: This is in no way a post on politics, Barack Obama, or his book The Audacity of Hope. It is merely... "Thoughts on the 4-hour Commute up the A1 (North) from Cambridge". I just so happened to be reading that book in the car.

So yes, Saturday March 14th I packed up several bags & boxes worth of textbooks, clothes and the random paraphernalia that a Cambridge nerd needs to make his assigned room feel like home. I then proceeded to hit the road in father's Audi, then load up the sat nav and my 'Generic Player of Digital Media'. I say such terms because a) I never use Apple products so it's no jPod, & b) it doesn't just play .mp3 music, but also some video files, .wma etc.

Random events of the journey...

- Glancing at the satnav at a random point in the journey, shortly after passing Girton, I noticed that we were passing the settlement of "Lolworth". I find this particularly 'lolworthy' enough to document.

- Exchange between my dad and I while passing the below-mentioned landmark...
"There's nothing that welcomes me back more to Newcastle than the Angel of the North."
"Despite it being in Gateshead."

I thought I had more to say about the journey, but I guess I don't. Either that or it's all faded to dust.

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