18 Mar 2009

Blogging the Roll; Rolling the Blog

I felt it was time to get BTUC fleshed out a bit, so what I believe they call "a blogroll" in the lingo has now been compiled. So on the right-side you'll see a listing of weblogs that I follow: a mix of those from the World of Warcraft community, professional opinion from BBC News & The Times, and also some random ones like a fan-produced news-blog for the Cloverfield film of 2008.

The second listing is a spread of various webcomics from several genres: WoW, gaming, or nerd humour in general. Listed here too are database and search engine tools I find useful in WoW or the Internet as a whole, and links to several one-off sites that I whole-heartedly recommend.

N.B. I am in no way being paid to plug these sites, I'm just boosting their traffic out of the kindness of my heart.

I'm currently working on some form of basic banner image and logo for the site, but the WoW Model Viewer software I feel obliged to use is rather temperamental. Stay tuned, readers.

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