27 Mar 2009

Project Title Under Construction

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your internet browsing experience for a potentially important announcement.

My associate Noelor and I have been considering the launch of a new project. This project is as yet untitled, but the concept we have in mind is fairly solidified. Essentially we intend to carry out a blogging version of the ‘Masters of Song Fu’ contest through our respective sites. This was an online contest participated in by the legendary geek folk artist Jonathan Coulton [see subscription bar on the right], who likes to inform us that all he wants to do is eat your brains. So, here's the lowdown:

At either defined periods, or whenever the hell we feel like it, a discussion topic shall be agreed upon between the two of us. Then both shall depart to Notepad/MS Word/OpenOfficeWriter/other text editor of choice and proceed to compose thoughts and feelings on the topic. Still, a few things remain to be decided...

Project title? Noelor has proposed “Blog off”; I’ve managed to come up with “Blog Fu” so far. Maybe one, both or neither shall be used, but I have other ideas. I'm thinking a potentially witty merge & subversion of both our blog titles. Potent Rant Titles Constructed? Or maybe not.

Choice of topic? They would need to be unique and interesting, not "should WoW bring in Classic Realms?"; something both can talk easily about, i.e. if the topic were “random pen ‘n’ paper RPG”, he’d make a dissertation of it, while I’d probably just type “LOL DND” and leave it at that.
You’ll probably see stuff like the certain memes crawling over WoW blogs these days like “post your 6th screenshot in your folder.” That’s a bit difficult for me, as up until 2006-ish WoW saved its screenshots in Targa (.tga) file format, before switching to JPEG. About half that folder on my desktop is .tga. Which proves how long I’ve been playing WoW/how much of my soul I have signed over to Activision-Blizzard [delete as applicable from your perspective].

So yes, if you have ideas, comments or suggestions, use the relevant box or toss an e-mail. Keep you posted, we shall.

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Noelor said...

You and your appealing to the masses. I'd just like to toss in a couple of things. Firstly, politics bad. I'm trying to keep my blog clear of it, and think I've done well enough so far. Secondly, the name totally doesn't have to have anything to do with what's going on =P