14 Mar 2009

Happy Pi Day

I would like to take the time to wish my fellow geeks & nerds a Happy Pi Day.

While this year I was unable to consume any pie, this day being the day of my travelling down from Cambridge/back north to Newcastle, I observed the 'more rational' Pi Minute at 1:59 pm with my digital watch alarm alert. On second thoughts, it's a pretty poor word to use in the same sentence, as since when is Pi ever rational?

Attached is a photo of my celebrations last year, where I crudely inscribed that lovable table in the Greek alphabet into a (steak I believe) pie. The cake may be a lie, but the pie is the truth.

You might question why I bother with March 14th. I must agree with such criticisms. As an engineer, Pi is never 3.141592653..., nor is it "well it's about 3, innit". It's either 1 or 5, depending on which side we want the safety factor.

You'd also question why I should do the American day of March 14th, which reads 14/3 in the UK fashion. I will be indulging in 22nd July celebrations, or Pi Approximation Day [22 divided by 7 being 3.142857143...], but I guess PAD doesn't have as much scope for pie and American dominance has its effect too.

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